Our Core Values

Embody Conscious Consumption

As a conservation biologist and an intense lover of the environment, Alexis has always been focused on environmental impact and what we can do to minimize our footprint on the planet. Understanding some of the biggest disruptors of the ecosystem are large-scale commercial farming and transportation – we aim to design products around local and seasonal produce to create a sustainable blueprint for the future.

Farmers Selling Vegetables

Empower Local Farmers

We connect our local farmers directly to you! Excited about an ingredient? Click on it and go directly to the farm to either see how it is made or buy some yourself. In this way, and many others, we will constantly support our local farms and communities.


Knowledge is power. We aim to be completely transparent with our entire process. Whether its sourcing our responsibly farmed produce, the science behind safe shelf stable packaging, or recipes you can use with every product, we can walk you through every step.

Selling the Highest Quality Products

When you buy a Shepherd’s Provisions product, you’ll go on a journey with some of the best flavors you will have ever tasted. That’s because we have worked extremely hard to source every single ingredient we have in our products. It’s not just natural, its supernatural!

Artichoke Spread