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I know it is going to sound like a shock for a moment, but a majority of local companies that pickle or can items don’t have the proper licensing or training to do so. That is because a lot of smaller businesses operate under Cottage Laws allowing them to essentially bypass most regulatory checks and make it from their home kitchen. While it is a romantic thought having things made from a home kitchen, the reality can be not-so-great.

Many deadly bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms can thrive in many steps of the manufacturing process, whether it is improper temperature control of the items being package, poor sterilization techniques, improper kill steps, or just plain bad hygiene; many of these things can thrive in an operation that does not understand these proper protocols and techniques.

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That is why we operate out of a local commercial kitchen and implement strict training standards for our staff. All our staff are trained extensively in food safety and proper canning techniques and our company only uses the top of the line commercial grade equipment every step of the way. We take food safety very seriously, and as a result, we take every precaution available to make sure you are partaking in the safest product possible.

All products that we sell go through all the necessary regulatory steps and testing to make sure that we are doing everything right for our customers and farmers. Each item we sell can vary on how its safely processed and package, so click any of the links below to find out more.