Ultra High Temperature Pressure Canning

At Shepherd’s Provisions, we utilize thermal processing, which is just a fancy way of saying, we make everything super-hot! While it sounds simple enough, it is critical to the safe packaging of our products. We apply heat at extremely high, specific temperatures to eliminate toxic substances and spoilage-causing microorganisms within our foods and containers.  


We account for the type of product we are packaging and heat that item to an extremely specific temperature to kill whatever microorganisms that might exist otherwise. To that end, we consider the properties of the food itself when adjusting to specific temperatures. Temperature and water activity are important factors that effect the microbiological spoilage of foods, so we make sure all the proper science and safety techniques are applied.

Finally, we utilize our commercial steamer to seal our products with high-pressure and high-temperature steam. This creates a tight vacuum using intense pressure that completely seals our products from outside microorganisms. After several quality checks and testing, our products are ready for safe long-term storage and consumption. Bon Appétit!

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