PH Acidification

It almost sounds scary at first, but it is actually quite the opposite. Having a low PH means that the food item is more acidic, this means that the acidity will prevent bad microorganism from sneaking in and making you sick.

What about the nutritional value? Isn’t it less once something is heated and canned? Well, actually no, there have been many scientific studies on whether or not nutrition loss happens when something is properly canned, and the findings have been that there is essentially no change in nutrition between fresh and canned.


But acidic foods are bad for you right? Super Wrong! Many health products such as various Vinegars, Kefir, and Fermented Vegetables are just some examples of acidic foods that are known to help promote healthy gut bacteria grow. When people think of unhealthy canned items, it is typically the excessive sugar or salt content that is the culprit. This is because when making things like jams, you need a lot of sugar so that the pectin reacts properly to thicken the product.

And that is why we use a low sugar pectin along with our own vinegar that we make from scratch!